Land O Lakes Golf Course

July 6, 2021

The Southeastern Fellowship Golf Association opened the 2021 year with a tournament at Land O Lakes Golf Couse on July 6th.  46 members played a “two score best ball” format tournament.  The next tournament will be held at Crown Park Golf Course.  The winners were: 

1st Place(13 under)—Kenny Stanley, George Cochran, Jeff Smith, Clarence Corbett 

2nd Place(12 under)—Linwood Hedgepeth, Dylan Avant, Johnny Wallace, Harry Lee

2nd Place(12 under)—Jimmy Davis, Gary Bass, Hadi Ipekyun, Dennie Pait

4th Place(11 under)—Gordan Graham, Mark Dixon, Stan Matthews, Lloyd Hester 

5th Place(9 under)—Edwin Skipper, Ray Crabtree, Frank Ciamillo, Charles Hungerford 

6th Place(8 under)—Terry Strickland, Emery White, John D. Elliot, Banky Blackwell

Posted on July 7, 2021 by Master Account